Sunday, February 25, 2007


Tried to do some uploading of photos today. I'm still torn between Flickr and Picasa and trying to figure out how to manage both the offline and online photo management. Any advice from experienced parties would be mucho appreciated!


Ivan Chew said...

It's really down to what you want. I'm more familiar with Flickr than Picasaweb. What I understand is that Flickr allows 100MB free uploads per month (for free accounts), whereas Picasaweb has max of 250MB total.

The downside (for free accounts) is Flickr only shows up 200 pictures at any one time, although older pics are still there but just not visible.

Flickr is more established and has more users (so if you want to belong in a wider community, that' a consideration).

Flickr seems to be more "community-friendly", i.e. a "Add Notes" feature, tagging. Not sure if Picasaweb has those. From what I saw at your album, Picasaweb seems to be more suitable as a online album whereas Flickr is more about community pooling of images.

Zim said...

Thanks Ivan!

That's roughly what I thought. Picasaweb seems to be more in the comfort zone of the usual "this is my past" kind of shots. Flickr's structure is interesting, but I don't want to put up something so mundane there. I haven't really got a grasp on what would fit in well there yet though.