Sunday, February 25, 2007


We'd actually meant to eat at Let's Clap but they were packed! Ah well, Rail Mall has plenty to eat, their loss! We headed onwards towards Ramen Ramen Ramen but got waylaid by this store menu!

Another Fish and Co clone? Well, the store decor is very well done. I liked the facing wall especially, check out all the fish!

The place is also very spacious - lots of space between tables, not like Manhattan and Fish n Co which are normally quite packed together.

There's also a very cute kids meal served in a plate the shape of a fish... Here's a picture of the smiley potatoes.

The sides were also pretty good, with scallop pictured here (though the pic looks a little disgusting, no? But it tasted quite nice, very fresh!) as well as fried mushrooms, jamba wings and other goodness.

On to the main course, fish n chip! In general, sis felt that the food was much less oily than Fish n Co - more healthy, less gelat. Key felt the same way, but actually we like the oily, buttery taste of Fish n Co...

The fish n chip comes with a choice of fish - dory, shark, or (more expensive) snapper. I went for the shark, since Key was getting the dory. Also because I'd recently been having some conversations with people where they tell me its cruel to cut the fin off the shark and let it go. So let's eat the whole shark?

Not much to look at, and frankly I'll never order this again. There was a weird powdery aftertaste which no one seemed to have - might be the shark meat itself. Not enjoyable.

And finally, waffles! Fruit was like the fish, very fresh and in large portion, and it was served with a generous helping of maple syrup. A bit toasty, but otherwise delectable.

Verdict: Price is probably very close to Fish n Co, just a bit cheaper perhaps. It'll be interesting to come back and see how their fish tastes like when they've mastered their craft.

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