Friday, February 23, 2007

Where's the next Mobile MMORPG!

Communities Dominate Brands posted this article, highlighting a report that 70% of subscribers play paid mobile videogames at least weekly, and 38% daily!

I had been talking about the previous article about how musicphones were outselling iPods, and Zeal asked me, so what's the next thing after cameras and music that was going to get integrated into cellphones. So I was stream-of-consciousness thinking, what would we want next on phones? And one thought was, MMORPGing - not in the hack and slash way, maybe more in a Sims or Second Life way. Allowing people to, in their moments of boredom on the train or wherever, send their virtual avatar on a useful errand. Allowing people to live their virtual life away from the shackles of their desktop or that light-but-pricey laptop which could be dropped, stolen, or forgotten.

And of course, since it would be difficult to hack and slash on a handphone where your attention span is only ten minutes on the commute or while waiting for a friend, gamers would need activities which fit that shorter span. So not raiding in the World Of Warcraft manner, but then, what then?

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