Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mussels from Brussels (Sprouts)

We had dinner before the play at Clarke Quay, since it's so near the SRT. This is Brussels Sprouts, a new place that specialises in mussels and beer... The seating space is quite huge, though I would advise not to be seated outside exposed to the sky. Above the restaurant is the condo swimming pool and you get occasional splashes.

There were several very good starters. Steak tartare is raw beef, and suprisingly went very well with the toast!

I would say that I would enjoy the starters at this restaurant more than the mains. Not that the mains are bad, just that the starters/snacks are more unique, somehow. And the ambience of the restaurant seems better for a light meal with beer than a full course dinner. This was the crepe, which looked kind of like lasagna. This was for me the best dish!

Homemade sausages. Adequate as a main, though I must say the sausages are really different from your normal - the meat inside is chunky, not really ground to dust.

I don't have photos of the mussels and beer, both of which were excellent. The waffles were good too.

Overall I'd say the place is worth an eat, since the service was attentive and the food better than passable. But it's also quite pricy, at close to $50 per head for what we ate..

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