Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kim Gary

Ate with darling Key and friends at Hong Kong Kim Gary at VivoCity, on Qianhui's recommendation... Custom utensils! The queue at this place is hugely long but I guess turnover must be quite quick since the queue actually moves quite fast.

Most important, here is my darling Key, with her own dish - fish wrapped in egg!
As with any of the Hong Kong eateries which are opening up now, the thick-bread butter toast is one of the signature dishes. It's just dripping! (You can also see the peanut butter version behind, which I didn't quite like so much)

A simple dish for me - pork slices and egg. It's not gourmet, but it smells pretty good and tastes fine! Plus the egg is sweet!

Yuan yang - tea + coffee mix. Always see it on the HK television shows but is it really that good? It tastes different from either tea or coffee, not too bad, but I haven't become an instant convert.

Most importantly, here is Key with her own dish, fish wrapped in egg!

Final verdict: food's not fantastic, but it's not too bad either. Price was about $12 per head for one main, toast and drinks each...

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