Friday, July 27, 2007


Poon invited Andy, Key and me to "Philosophy on Tap" at Logicmills, that school he co-started. The topic was on infinity, and it wasn't quite as interactive as I'd expected, as there was quite a bit of technical background to be covered. Nonetheless, quite interesting and fun! Plus, they have tons of board games! Poon intro-ed us to Lost Cities, Cash n Guns, and Venus Needs Men. All fun games, and I'm adding them to my considering list. Lost Cities is probably more the thinking game, Cash n Guns is a very quick, raucous fun game (where you get to bang people!) and Venus Needs Men is munchkin-like, stop-the-leader fun.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Season's Reasons

Dinner at a restaurant called "Season's Reasons" at the basement of Raffles City. Not bad, and quite affordable - I think it was about $12 and there's a 15% discount for UOB credit cards.

Normally for this kind of place I would not expect too much - confluence of high rental and "low" price usually results in not-very-good food. But the pasta was of a decent quality and the chicken pieces were quite succulent. Not too bad, would definitely give the restaurant another shot.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Australia - Cairns - Fun fun fun (let the pictures do the talking)

Koalas at Ken Done in Cairns

Gelato on nice tropical nights

Hotel Room at Rydges Tradewinds

Fun white water rafting at Barron's

Australia - Cairns - Impressions

Cairns is a beautiful city with really nice beaches...

Well .. maybe not this view. More like these...

As with any nice place with a decent airport, it's very touristy - but that isn't always a bad thing. For example, they really cater to you, for example with nifty little notices like these...

She Said Yes

Qiwei has a beautiful post here about Key's Yes...