Saturday, October 30, 2004

seeing spec. Maybe I can play soon!

going to see the specialist on monday, hopefully he will allow me to play soon.... I guess I've always kind of had a certain kind of confidence that my healing capabilities are higher than the average person. It may be true or not, and even if its true, there are certain disadvantages, such as only getting five weeks of MC for my injury when the doctor expected me to be out of action 3 months. Still, it's been 6 months without basketball, 6 months without guitar, 6 months of being treated like a cripple by everyone. It's not that it's a bad thing, but I guess I just don't like being asked to watch while my friends are doing hard work. Certain things, I really cannot carry with one hand, but I can get by fine generally, if just a little slower. I can still type faster than most anyone in camp, even!

But i the worst thing is that KeY, and mum, end up carrying stuff for me instead if the other way around. I'm a chauvinist that way I guess. As a guy I'm there to provide muscle for my girlfriend, for my mom, for my family... and that feeling when I can't is awful.

On a side note, the new laws on downloading are going to have major effects I think. Certainly, they are going to be using it to crack down on pirates and stuff. What impact will it have on the Singapore anime community? The anime cable channel Animax has decided not to come to Singapore, and the anime available here is strictly limited. Is there a market available at all, for some kind of dedicated anime shop?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Out ill.

Met Andy several times this week. Andy's a doctor in the army, and he's one of the clique that I still hang out with from RI. Something like a warhammer group, though nowadays it seems more like the City of Heroes group. Nice guy, very fun, quite wild, not exactly your normal image of a military doctor.

Had a very bad sore throat from Tuesday evening onwards, at first I thought it was from the shouting.. I'd been helping cover a squash tournament, and you know how it is cheering your team mates on... anyway, it was pretty okay until wednesday night, when I could barely breathe properly. Thursday, and I had a dry cough that was tearing my throat apart and making me puke. Fever was coming and going, coming and going, and happened when I saw camp doc that fever was gone and I was cool. Gave me some medicine to stimulate phlegm, ease nausea, ease breathing. And antibiotics.

I was getting worse as the day drew on, partly cos we were doing some pretty heavy cleaning of the unit. Wanted to see the doctor outside, but was given next morning off, and the cost spooked me -- I'm on a pretty tight budget, and still owe andy a bit of money. Friday was pretty okay, still coughing, some phlegm, so I went for the unit bowling thing. But friday night I could hear the wheezing in my chest, it was that bad. Saturday was awful, it totally ruined my morning breakfast with key, and today, i still can't really breathe deep. My chest, right about the sternum, hurts when I cough, or breathe just a little too deep. Still, it seems somewhat better... Damn. I need to see the doctor... but what can the doctor do, anyhow?

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Projector power and black tie events

Projector's been more in use the last few days. Had key, xp, nekki, snow, birdie, zhongning and chester over Friday night to game.. playing kung fu chaos, dead or alive and fatal frame.. I have to find a better setup for the projector though.. hm. Was quite fun, but Saturday was the DUAL ball. That... was a long tedious effort. Well, It was the first time I used the projector in a ballroom and it didn't turn out too bad once the lights were off.. hee. Guess the projector is good not jut for small rooms!

Was pretty awful at about 6.30pm for me though. Funny thing was I burned a presentation on a Cd-rw and brought it there, but it vanished from the CD! Or rather, daniel's laptop couldn't see the data. It was like looking at the very first version of the CD-rw that I ever burned, and the rest was gone.. Not quite sure what happened but I could read the Cd at home, I just tried! Some strange bug? Certain CD readers can't see the modified files? Worrying. But anyway, I had to rush back home and back to 4 seasons hotel within an hour, and I was late because of the huge traffic problems, esp at CTE cairnhill circle exit. But the event itself was running late, so I managed to put the presentation in. Phew.

The ball itself was pretty strange. Was kind of like going back to some movie, it just didn't feel real... All these people dressed up, especially the older (like 40+?) folks in their evening ball dress.. more like one of those old style vampire movies with the costume ball! It wasn't the dressing up itself that made it strange, it was more like that they were here at this event precisely to dress up, just for the heck of it. It was like prom all over again. Except that most of the people didn't know each other very well and there was this auction where they would bid to buy things with proceeds to go for charity.

I think a Tatler reporter was there... And that's maybe the thing, it was a high society event. Not something I have much experience of. And not sure if it's my thing at all. more of a gaming, barbeque, and beer kind of person than sitting down, fine dinner and champagne person. Though I don't like beer very much... Will we be like that in future? hahaha... Not even future neccessarily, I saw Varian and Kelvin Fan there... old schoolmates who are already attending such events..

But. I still remember one scene. Caroline was one of the lady organisers of the ball, and Kent is her husband.. they're middle aged, 40+ I think. Kent in particular looks quite blur, heh, like he's not quite sure why he's there. Anyway, during the auction, Kent outbid someone for a pair of pillows (from Clove? not sure who's Clove even) and when he won, I saw Caroline lean over and happily give Kent a peck on the cheek... And suddenly was thinking of Key and wondering if someday in the future would we find ourselves dressing up for such an event... and how Key's happy when I do nice things for other people.. heh

Saturday, October 02, 2004

What the...

A bit disappointed. I lent out all that anime, and now I can't seem to get it back together.Missing a long stretch of Seed plus the ending 3 episodes, a chunk of scrapped princess, a chunk of Ghost in the Shell SAC. I think I can mostly get it back.. Seed, weihao still has copies, scrapped key has her own, SAC.. well I don't know anyone who keeps but should be doable. And in any case I will eventually buy the DVDs for these cos they're so good anyway. But it's that super sianz feeling that, hey, I lent you guys this stuff, couldn't I at least get it back in the component pieces? And now there's stuff mixed in with those episodes that I don't even know I've lost yet, and won't, until later on when I want towatch it and can't find it.

Probably just a reaction to that strong feeling, but I know, right now, I just don't feel like lending ANYONE any anime at all. Or anything at all. Not that I don't trust you per se, but things happen. Just like that Getbackers I got from HK, the last disc is now irretrievably trashed. No-one's fault, really, and in any case the subbing was so awful I hated the disc anyway. But things like that happen when ya loan stuff out. Or the laptop that I lent Jav and Ziwei, it's kind of old anyway, but now the monitor is out 1 line of pixels and I don't have the password to access my own laptop and the blame falls somewhere between 2 good friends. And the one big lesson I've learnt from Birmingham is that discussions of blame centering on money just hurt friendships. So it's an old laptop, thatwould have been nice to have for presentations and stuff, never mind write it off. And anime, sure, in any case if it's good i would buy the DVD eventually, and if it's bad it's no loss, right?

But, I've had enough. If a mildly hurt sms or question doesn't produce contrition and effort to search in even the best of people, then that's it, i'm not going to expose myself to shit anymore. In the past, Key asked me why I loan out the projector so easily.. (because it was really like making the rounds). To me, these things are meant to be used. House parties and stuff, gatherings, so on. I like these things! Picnic things like electric lanterns, water dispensers, tents, tables, drink coolers, portable radios, etc. If i could get a portable sound system to go with the projector I would probably carry it around with the projector and the laptop (sigh..) and use that as a set. And if people are throwing parties I'm perfectly willing to lend technical support. Cos parties are fun! But now, I think, if someone damaged the projector and just "blurly" says, oh I don't know leh, how, then what? Or not even the projector, I was telling Key the other time about me wanting to get all that picnic gear, Coleman flasks and stuff, and she was saying how at parties these things get damaged and lost all the time.

So... ya know what? I'm not gonna do it anymore. Sure, if people ask me I might still get soft, or I'll make a judgement call and say to myself this person is reliable and make explicit that I do expect compensation for the rare damage. But the default answer is now no. Maybe I'm less of a nice person now. so sorry about that.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Mamma mia

Just caught the show with Key yesterday night.. haha.. it's my second time watching it and it's still a brilliant as ever. If you haven't seen it, you should! Know xp is going to catch it.. good for you!

It's just a show that kind of glows with happiness and the music makes me want to groove, dance, and jive... The story is soppy and sweet, and just adds to that feeling of childhood wonder, of dreams that evaporated away with the passing of my innocence. For one night, and one night only... dreaming, once again...