Sunday, October 24, 2004

Out ill.

Met Andy several times this week. Andy's a doctor in the army, and he's one of the clique that I still hang out with from RI. Something like a warhammer group, though nowadays it seems more like the City of Heroes group. Nice guy, very fun, quite wild, not exactly your normal image of a military doctor.

Had a very bad sore throat from Tuesday evening onwards, at first I thought it was from the shouting.. I'd been helping cover a squash tournament, and you know how it is cheering your team mates on... anyway, it was pretty okay until wednesday night, when I could barely breathe properly. Thursday, and I had a dry cough that was tearing my throat apart and making me puke. Fever was coming and going, coming and going, and happened when I saw camp doc that fever was gone and I was cool. Gave me some medicine to stimulate phlegm, ease nausea, ease breathing. And antibiotics.

I was getting worse as the day drew on, partly cos we were doing some pretty heavy cleaning of the unit. Wanted to see the doctor outside, but was given next morning off, and the cost spooked me -- I'm on a pretty tight budget, and still owe andy a bit of money. Friday was pretty okay, still coughing, some phlegm, so I went for the unit bowling thing. But friday night I could hear the wheezing in my chest, it was that bad. Saturday was awful, it totally ruined my morning breakfast with key, and today, i still can't really breathe deep. My chest, right about the sternum, hurts when I cough, or breathe just a little too deep. Still, it seems somewhat better... Damn. I need to see the doctor... but what can the doctor do, anyhow?

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