Sunday, October 17, 2004

Projector power and black tie events

Projector's been more in use the last few days. Had key, xp, nekki, snow, birdie, zhongning and chester over Friday night to game.. playing kung fu chaos, dead or alive and fatal frame.. I have to find a better setup for the projector though.. hm. Was quite fun, but Saturday was the DUAL ball. That... was a long tedious effort. Well, It was the first time I used the projector in a ballroom and it didn't turn out too bad once the lights were off.. hee. Guess the projector is good not jut for small rooms!

Was pretty awful at about 6.30pm for me though. Funny thing was I burned a presentation on a Cd-rw and brought it there, but it vanished from the CD! Or rather, daniel's laptop couldn't see the data. It was like looking at the very first version of the CD-rw that I ever burned, and the rest was gone.. Not quite sure what happened but I could read the Cd at home, I just tried! Some strange bug? Certain CD readers can't see the modified files? Worrying. But anyway, I had to rush back home and back to 4 seasons hotel within an hour, and I was late because of the huge traffic problems, esp at CTE cairnhill circle exit. But the event itself was running late, so I managed to put the presentation in. Phew.

The ball itself was pretty strange. Was kind of like going back to some movie, it just didn't feel real... All these people dressed up, especially the older (like 40+?) folks in their evening ball dress.. more like one of those old style vampire movies with the costume ball! It wasn't the dressing up itself that made it strange, it was more like that they were here at this event precisely to dress up, just for the heck of it. It was like prom all over again. Except that most of the people didn't know each other very well and there was this auction where they would bid to buy things with proceeds to go for charity.

I think a Tatler reporter was there... And that's maybe the thing, it was a high society event. Not something I have much experience of. And not sure if it's my thing at all. more of a gaming, barbeque, and beer kind of person than sitting down, fine dinner and champagne person. Though I don't like beer very much... Will we be like that in future? hahaha... Not even future neccessarily, I saw Varian and Kelvin Fan there... old schoolmates who are already attending such events..

But. I still remember one scene. Caroline was one of the lady organisers of the ball, and Kent is her husband.. they're middle aged, 40+ I think. Kent in particular looks quite blur, heh, like he's not quite sure why he's there. Anyway, during the auction, Kent outbid someone for a pair of pillows (from Clove? not sure who's Clove even) and when he won, I saw Caroline lean over and happily give Kent a peck on the cheek... And suddenly was thinking of Key and wondering if someday in the future would we find ourselves dressing up for such an event... and how Key's happy when I do nice things for other people.. heh

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