Saturday, October 30, 2004

seeing spec. Maybe I can play soon!

going to see the specialist on monday, hopefully he will allow me to play soon.... I guess I've always kind of had a certain kind of confidence that my healing capabilities are higher than the average person. It may be true or not, and even if its true, there are certain disadvantages, such as only getting five weeks of MC for my injury when the doctor expected me to be out of action 3 months. Still, it's been 6 months without basketball, 6 months without guitar, 6 months of being treated like a cripple by everyone. It's not that it's a bad thing, but I guess I just don't like being asked to watch while my friends are doing hard work. Certain things, I really cannot carry with one hand, but I can get by fine generally, if just a little slower. I can still type faster than most anyone in camp, even!

But i the worst thing is that KeY, and mum, end up carrying stuff for me instead if the other way around. I'm a chauvinist that way I guess. As a guy I'm there to provide muscle for my girlfriend, for my mom, for my family... and that feeling when I can't is awful.

On a side note, the new laws on downloading are going to have major effects I think. Certainly, they are going to be using it to crack down on pirates and stuff. What impact will it have on the Singapore anime community? The anime cable channel Animax has decided not to come to Singapore, and the anime available here is strictly limited. Is there a market available at all, for some kind of dedicated anime shop?

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