Friday, September 26, 2008

All Routes Lead To Jams

1) Got on the 77.
2) Immediately stuck in jam on bt batok east avenue 3.
3) Got off, walked back one stop.
4) Got on 174.
5) Old lady offers seat
6) Stuck in jam on Toh yi drive

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You Know You Look Very Put Upon When...

An old lady offers you a seat on the bus! Damn paiseh, and very grateful!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Starting From Scratch

Just attended a meeting for the department where I'm to start work soon. Seems like a daunting task, with much to learn. Exciting, and worrying at the same time, with high stakes on the line. Can I make it?

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time Crush

Just getting to sleep due to work overload. It's intensely frustrating that the to-do list is piling up. Worst thing about today was the feeling that a colleague just palmed off some work to me simply because he could. Does it look like I'm very free? Or is it some misguided sense that if you're taking notes for one meeting and I'm doing it for one then that's fair? Frustrated as he'll because I've been working till 1 or 2 for about three weeks and am almostvat breaking point.

Think these three weeks really brought home to me, that when there's too much work, the quality slides inexorably down waaaaay before work starts getting done, and it's not always noticeable till afterwards, when you can only look back and sigh on disappointment.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bad Grammar!

I was transferring over to the north line at dhoby ghaut yesterday when I noticed a poster that said "Exposing your valuables and you may end up losing it." So I google this and find that Mr Brown has already blogged it. Curious to see what he said, I click through the link and discover that he posted it in 2006! And the funny thing is, someone claiming to be from the police answered the post and said the posters were being removed.

So, why are they back? Organizational FUBAR screw up, probably.

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Friday, September 05, 2008


First I sold my soul to the government, now I've sold my body to the HDB.

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Proof Of Marriage Needed A Bit Earlier Than We Thought

As long as we're taking the hdb grant, we need to give our marriage certificate at the second appointment. Or, beforehand seek approval by showing our booking of a wedding venue. Oops.

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Wait wait wait.

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Getting Pissed With Citibank

So I've faxed in my ic twice already. First time was too dark, second time was too near the top and so the top was cut off. Funny they didn't mention it the first time considering it was in the exact same place. I'm this close to just stopping the application process and just using vpost. If they ask me to refax one more time, I'm just going to just stop. They have some serious service recovery to do.

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