Friday, July 28, 2006

Crazy over board position

Well, not strictly true. Board position's a Magic:the Gathering term. What I did was buy 2 board games strictly on impulse. Lol.. Bought Shadows over Camelot and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Now all I need is some players!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Lol.. during tea break today I saw Beng Choo, and I've not seen her basically since Stanford, so I went over to say hi. When I caught her attention she didn't seem to recognise me, so I said, "Hi, Beng Choo, right?" and she paused and replied, "Oh that's my sister".

Oops... never had that happen to me before!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fury of Dracula

Was playing "Fury of Dracula" with Shaun, Poon, Tongli, and Poon's "little friend" on Sat night - Sunday morning.. 2 hours.. lol. I remember from our last visit to Settlers Cafe (Andy, Poon, Tongli, and beloved Key) that we should double the estimated play time when we're playing - and true enough we took 6 hours to play including breakfast!
I wonder why, though...

Anyway, all of us were new to the game, so I volunteered to be Dracula. For your info, four vampire hunters (Lord Godalmine, Dr Seward, van Helsing, and Mina Harker) hunt Dracula all over Europe.

It's a fun game, I think - good combination of deduction, luck, and devious thinking required for the game.. though maybe it was more fun for me than them! (I volunteered to be Dracula, since (a) I think vampires are cool, and (b) I like being the devious , scheming one.) I would recommend this game, especially if your group doesn't like to have free for alls where everyone backstabs everyone else.. Only one guy has to feel ostracized, lol.

Warning: I thought it was pretty tough being Dracula, since I got away by the skin of my teeth several times -- And I was already not fighting much, to Shaun's frustration. I just kept running, in weird and tricky ways that kept them guessing at my intentions. And even then I could not get fully away! So if you volunteer to be Dracula, pretty much be prepared to be staked and watch your spawn get hunted down...