Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Pickle King

Yesterday night I watched The Pickle King, a marvellous play by the Indian Ink Theatre Company from New Zealand, now playing at the Singapore Repertory Theatre / DBS Arts Centre.

The play is set in a (decaying?) hotel in New Zealand, with three main characters - a hotel receptionist whose loved ones all die, a porter who's studying for the qualification exams to be a heart surgeon, and an ominous, portly, guest at the hotel, G. Reaper. It's both hilariously funny and heartwarming. Some quaint little touches too, such as the use of masks with such cute expressions for the numerous supporting characters and anonymous guests who are also played by the three lead actors.

The show runs till Feb 16, and is quite affordable at $50, so catch it while you can! As for me, the quality of the writing and performance makes me feel like catching the previous two plays by the group, it's that good!

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