Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Protege signing show

Protege is a Mediacorp Raintree production, about the drug industry. Local company but a HK cast! And Daniel Wu and Leo Ku came down for a promotional signing. Key's a big fan, so I was requested to join her in queuing for the signing.

Huge huge crowd, but very messy crowd control. I wasn't there for the early part, but it seems that there were two separate queues for buying shirts and getting the autographs. However, the queue for autographs collapsed when the event got started. Three main factors, I think:
(1), a very unconventional queuing system where the queue started at the back of the pavillion and then wound inwards. Which means some of the people later in the queue were actually much closer to the queue entrance than their predecessors and had both incentive and low barriers to cutting queue.
(2) speaking of barriers, no barriers to form the queue, so it's an honour system and you knowhow singaporeans are with that.
(3) The stars were only going to be there for an hour before having to attendthe gala premiere at Vivo.. So there's very large incentive to cut queue because it seemed some people wouldn't get the autograph.

That, plus the radio host (who shall not be named) obviously didn't know the queueing system and confused the crowd with his initial instructions.

In the end, Key got her autograph and then went for the gala show with her cousin (left me behind, boohoo...) She was soooooo happy with her seat, where she got an upclose and personal view of Daniel Wu.

Me? Managed to qsqueeze in for a pre-CNY haircut at Chapter Two.. Lol

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