Friday, September 10, 2004

Preparations for Housewarming round 1

Hahaa.. prepr for round 1, tomorrow. Most of the people frequenting this site are slated for next week...

Its such a strange thing. There's a function room in the condo but it's booked till november.. and that was last month when I checked. Of course, I'm referring to the weekends when people are actually free to come for such things. Guess for 245 homes, 1 function room is not enough... future note for home purchase.

Anyway. It's a hassle ordering food and all, haha.. Key helped me with the selection, but I guess I'm kind of crunched between a budget, a desire not to disappoint, and not wanting to heap my mom with any work like cooking sushi rice and stuff...

Hey for the people coming next week, it's okay if I just order pizza and stuff right? Hahaha.. sorry lah.. :< If don't like don't come lah!! =p Just kidding! Do come, okay?

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