Saturday, September 25, 2004

flunked out

Well, i flunked out of the commission interview. Seems kind of like when I got the LOMS instead of the OMS scholarship. On one level, I know I'm not anywhere close to the traditionally god-like talents, the Lukawas and Sasukes of this world. Yet at the same time, the story I've written in my own mind is that I can be like the Sakuragis and Narutos, who can work up to a level where I can compete head on with them. can't help but feel disappointed. Mom and Key are both very supportive... and in any case the job of an Admin Officer is very tough and probably features long hours and a life that doesn't support my diverse interests. But still .. .I want the choice. I would rather be the Maes Hughes of a story, playing the supporting character, pushing someone else up, but I'd like to have the choice! Not someone who's consigned to t. :<

well.. back to the real world then... Wednesday, still have the interview for National Youth Forum... but damn. this has taken quite a bit of wind out of my sail, quite sianz now.

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