Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hohenheim of Light

I was putting down touches on my anime blog and I remembered something. In Full Metal Alchemist Hohenheim is the original genius alchemist who somehow managed to make the Philosopher's stone, and live for hundreds of years in borrowed bodies, and somehow manages to transmit his alchemy genius to his sons, even though they're sons of his borrowed body... (no genes to transmit!). Maybe it's self-fulfilling prophecy..

But that's beside the point. I was reading Terry Pratchett's Science of Discworld II: The globe, and something came up. Now we all know Pratchett writes satirical fantasy.. as in, it makes fun of everything, it's kind of like douglas adams, hitchhiker's guide but with fantasy, swords and magic rather than spaceships... This book was part philosophy and part story though, and in one of the philosophy-and-real-science areas mentioned an alchemist called Hohenheim!

Just googled Hohenheim alchemy... and I was expecting a whole flood of FMA reviews. But there's only the last in the first ten that's anime, the rest seem serious.. Googling Hohenheim Alchemist gives better, but the first two are still the RL person, and the third references him as a starting point for Hohenheim of light...
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