Monday, September 13, 2004

A bit pissed

Sianz. Totally. Because I have to go back to camp to sign off on some stupid document generated for PSC documents, that Chief Clerk didn't decide to process until today. Called me at 6.30 pm to say he needs my signature on the document to hand up TOMORROW. So how? Meet him at Yio Chu Kang or Tampines tonight? Eh... At6.30pm he wants to make this kind of arrangement.. sure... for a person staying at bukit batok and on MC. So I say, I can get transport to meet him at 11pm. No? He has to sleep?

So what kind of window do I have anyway? Okay, I'll be in camp tomorrow. But that makes me so fucking pissed off. Like, I have to travel 4 hours to sign off some silly document. Worse, just happens mom is not going east tomorrow, so no transport. So how? Borrow transport from sis. Hope I don't get into some stupid accident tomorrow, I have no doubt at all that Chief Clerk will not back me up by saying that he's the one who's making me travel down across Singapore.. after all that will get his ass fried. And what are my options? basically zero lor, it's not like I have a lot of money to take cab rides back and forth. and the time spent on transport will kill me if I take public transport. It's cross Singapore, basically.. and of course, very risky to tua him, because all I need is him to mess up my PSC docu and I'll get in trouble with my comm interview.

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