Saturday, September 18, 2004

Nice meetings yesterday

I met Shawn from DUAL on Friday night.. he's coordinating the Charity Ball for THC and I was meeting him to tie down details. He's kind of quietly social, outgoing without being loud, and.. kind of ordinary-looking, in the sense, no real distinguishing features... hahaha.. but still, he exuded a sense of confidence. We talked on about the coordination, and also about how DUAL could work with THC in the long term, and, how Brainstormz could fit into his vision for DUAL.. exciting stuff for me!

Then, leaving, bumped into Siu Foong and Xueming.. very very surprising to bump into them, and renew the contacts... hahaha.. Both were my Mech E schoolmates in NUS, worked with Xueming in Airbus in Bristol previously for our internships, and Siu Foong was in the same class and final year project lab, so relatively close.. I like them both, Xueming's a guy who tries to be cool, but a nice guy at heart, and Siu Foong's very sincere, if kind of blur.. :>

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