Friday, April 18, 2008

Not a good shopper

Thursday is shopping day in Geneva, with the shops open till 9pm, instead of the usual 7pm. Was planning to go shopping, but... then I thought about it, what would I actually buy?

Nowadays it seems I only buy 3 things - clothes, books and toys. Toys include my videogames, but also board games, my guitar (if I didn't have one already), and so on. But I'm not going to buy toys here, it's difficult to carry back. Books I would buy (and I'm already regretting that I left A Game of Thrones, which I'd started reading, behind in Singapore), but most of the books here are not in English and are generally more expensive anyway. Plus, it's difficult to carry.

So I would have bought clothes! And I know just how deficient my casual wardrobe is... and I suddenly realised how dependent I was on KeY to help me select clothes - to the degree that I don't even want to go shopping on my own... If KeY didn't give me tips, the only things I would buy would be basics - plain monocolor shirts and tshirts, black pants, blue jeans. Boring, right?

Ah well.. so I went back to my room and surfed instead. Sigh - so loserish!

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