Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Argh - pesky virus social engineers

The other day I got a link from Airmund on MSN. It looked like a photo link. Clicked on it and was asked for my MSN login and password. Now, why would it do that? So.. suspicious, paranoid Zim didn't follow the instruction. Msn Edmund back asking about the link, and promptly forgot abt it when he didn't reply.

Today I read this:

Lol... She suggests to change the password, which is correct. I'm just wondering how many people use the same passwords and userids for 50 - 100% of their online accounts - which means that if I was the password stealer I would be testing it on various accounts pretty quickly, looking for that email where you've got a financial password or financial email hidden away.

Of course, these guys would very quickly run into the problem of how to find that email, when it's buried under a mountain of spam....

In any case, if you kenna this, advice - change all your passwords which are the same....

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