Monday, April 14, 2008

First day away..

Now in Geneva, after a loooong flight. I never used to have difficulty sleeping in planes before, but with the new SQ seats and pillows, I can't get a good neck support at all. So, didn't sleep as much as normal, even though the movie selection was quite crappy and I only watched one movie - American Gangster, which reminded me in a lot of ways of Protege. I'm so gonna get a neck pillow for my return flight.

(So what did I do the whole flight? I played Crisis Core, which is turning out to be far far better than I'd thought it could be. The gameplay takes advantages of the portability of the PSP, is action-paced, and while being totally new manages to remind every FFVII player of sequences from that great game. Sweet!)

So now I'm in my hotel room, halfway through packing. Decided to check my internet connection first, make sure I will be able to work. Later I've got to do some grocery shopping for some of the stuff I'll need to stay all the way. Sianz just thinking of it. It's just very clunky...

Like the way I'm holding three handphones now. Personal, office, and swiss.

Travelling's supposed to be a job perk - Doesn't feel a lot like it now, maybe because I'm sick and it's drizzling outside. When the weekend comes, life should be better.

Zim out.

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