Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slooooooooooow service at Sony-Ericsson

The good thing is that after 4 months of charging my phone by leaving my PC on, I finally got my phone charger replaced.

The bad thing is that I waited one and a half hours in order to get it. I arrived at S-E repair outlet at Wisma at about 7.30pm, got my queue number. It said 1hr 19 min, so I put my sms in the queue, went to the library and returned 3 books, got a new library card, and borrowed 3 books. Came back an hour later, and the queue had shortened by less than half.

Basically, in 1.5 hours, or 90minutes of time, it went through 35 queue numbers in 6 counters - and of the last 12 before me, only 3 people were there.
That means 26 queue numbers over 6 counters = 4.3 persons served per counter
Which means each person took 20 minutes to serve.

Either (a) the people are a lot less efficient than they should be, or (b) S-E has way underestimated their staff requirement or (c) Sony products are failing lots!

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