Saturday, April 09, 2005

A tough week is over! Phew!

Well! It's now April 9th, and I'm 3 months from ORD! Heh, rush of euphoria at the moment. The big Skills-At-Arm event is now over, and even though we didn't win, at least I don't have to worry about organising it anymore. I was getting pretty frustrated with all the times that I would be out with Key and some guy would call me and ask me for this info, or that info, or whatever.

So I had yesterday off, and Monday to Wednesday going to play table tennis for inter-unit tournament. That's actually quite good, means I won't be doing much camp work for a while. =p Though it also means that today I'm supposed to go table-tennis training in the morning..

It's one heck of a packed day coming up. After the training, there's a meeting for the OSY mentors in the afternoon, followed by dinner with the Engin 20/21MC (mostly 20 actually) someplace in town. I want to meet them, but a bit concerned about priceyness of the dinner. The places they're picking are quite classy.. And of course I'm the only fool still in NS, the rest are raking in the big bucks already... :< One good thing is that I won't have to neglect Key to do all this stuff, she's got general plans for the day.

But it IS a worry.. THC stuff is swallowing up every weekend this month. And end of April, on the Labour Day weekend, both my family and Key's family are planning vacations. Sis wants to go Club Med cruise (SGD 580 a head! Ex for only two nights) and Key's going to visit her dad. Looks like I'm going to miss both.. :<

Anyway, I've sprained my ankle. Double-sprained it actually, at basketball yesterday.. Heh, but God is good, healing factor kicking in! Good for training today, and should be fully recovered by Monday's matches!

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