Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blogging at work? seems pretty good so far. It's also spurring me to read all those financial and world news things more thoroughly and with a keen interest, heh. Well that's good news as I gear up for the workplace. Along the way, I browsed back to fastcompany to do some reading. (That final year of NUS was filled with case studies from HRM and Management classes, and fastcompany was used for readings and case studies often. I found them free and interesting reading, so I keep catching up with it now and then). Turns out fastcompany now has a blog! Here's an excerpt:
The debate over employee blogs has reached new heights ever since a blogger who
works for a blog company has been reprimanded for blogging about employees

Catch the full article here.
Wow.. So what's going to happen when I go to work? Already I find it difficult to blog because I'm not supposed to even name the people in unit, not to mention what we do; is it going to get worse at MoM? Hmm.. I guess I'll find out eventually.

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