Sunday, April 10, 2005

Table tennis, mentoring, and wine..

Been a really long day.. but get back, if don't blog, then all gone right? Probably wouldnb't blog at a later date.

To begin with, went to Ngee Ann Poly for the table tennis training. Silly thing, meet at 10am, but only started at 10.30, at which time the occupants of the hall chased us out so that they could lock up. As a result, I ended up playing basketball with a couple of people there.. Two guys named Ivan and Zhiyuan. Turns out Ivan was like us, with Engineers Formation, and the two quite nice guys. Some more, Zhiyuan was the table tennis captain of NAP, so... after 3 games, we went to start training, and because they were school mates with some of us, they joined us.

Zhiyuan trained me for a bit, and he's really good. Compared to me, anyway. So I learnt how to differentiate between sidespin and chop serves and how to counteract each. Also, practiced a lot of forehand play, so now I'm more comfortable with forehand stroking and smash.. Can actually use the backhand for chop play and right hand to hammer, much more offensive power now! So I learnt a lot today, really beneficial! Thanks Zhiyuan!

Then, rushed to pick up mentoring toolkits from Sijia and then to the OSY (Out of School Youth) mentors' meeting. Though I was half an hour late, meeting hadn't started when I got there. In the end, other than JiaEn and me, there was Dana, Shalini, Smita only. Which was kind of a disappointing response, but at least most of the others had valid reasons for not coming. Still, the planning session was successful, we got a good plan, well thought out for the first mentor meet mentee session.

Lastly, had dinner with the MC people. Attendance today was Wee Leong, Velle, Harun, Jo, Regina. We had dinner at Wine Network at Dempsey road, pretty out of the way... Meatballs, pizza, chicken wings and a bottle of decent white wine (well, Wee Leong said he chose the cheapest white) for $72. But we felt the food and wine weren't the best, so we wandered up the road to Wine Company and had.. meatballs, spinach pizza and sausages, and a bottle of dessert wine, for $84. All in all, rather expensive meal, but good company. Like Jo said, it's the company and atmosphere! With this bunch, I've gotten kind of used to this: Long nights of fun and deranged conversation on wide range of topics, and pricey meals.. Got back close to midnight.. tired out... But at least my foot is okay.

"Change is inevitable, except from the vending machine".

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