Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A grand adventure

I've spent the last two days at inter-unit table-tennis.. A lot of improvement, mostly because on Monday after the second game we went to Bishan stadium for a two hour round of training. Jeffrey's been giving me a lot of pointers, so I've spent a lot of time working on serving, on pushing.. about three hours every day in "zha ma" position. Now my legs are sore. Despite that, I just keep losing my doubles matches. Three times in four matches, 3-1, 3-2, walkover, and 3-0. Even though my doubles partner said our last loss was good, we did pretty well against a better doubles team, but I feel like I disappointed my convenor. Anyway, tomorrow I'm not playing doubles, they're changing the team. It's 3rd-4th placing tomorrow, and we still stand a chance!

But that's not the grand adventure. After the semis today, Andy jio-ed me for bball in NUS. Since I was meeting Key I didn't mind. But after going home and changing and stuff, i'm heading to school, get off the 106 and just as the 96 arrives, I realize I don't have my shoes! I was carrying them earlier! So I thought I'd left them at the busstop opposite my house, quickly ran across the road and hailed a cab. But 5 minutes later I realised I left it on the bus, so tell the taxi driver to u-turn and chase the 106. The taxi driver must have thought I was nuts. He was very helpful though! Chased until centrepoint, and overtook the 106. Taxi stopped in front, I got on.. but the bus driver doesn't look familiar (he's not Chinese!) and I'm like.. did I get on this bus? What time did you leave the terminal. Turns out it's the next bus. So back onto the cab, chase some more, asking Key to check where 106 goes after town, when I see it! It's leaving plaza sing busstop, so we intercept it at the next stop (taxi driver stopped next to the bus) and I jump on! Again, under the first seat my bag's not there, and my heart stops. So I ask the driver, hey, do you recognize me coming on the bus earlier, and he takes out my bag...

Wow! But inclusive of the ride back to school it cost me $18. But I got my shoes back.. hee.

Anyway, thank you Mr Yap Pow Liang of taxi SHA 5810X, and the unknown driver of TIBS 106 TIB1084J!

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