Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Someone's better summary on racist scholar

I recovered this by following up the links on Singapore Ink, which I must add is pretty good at tracking Singapore political news..

Anyway, this guy gives a good summary of what I was trying to say in that whole long rant earlier:

I agree with you. To all those who are reading this post, I think you
should think about this.
Calling for his head, or asking for his scholarship
to be revoked, serves no purpose. If he is truly racist, doing those things
would not change his views. What it would do however, is to make him hide those
From a broader perspective, making an example of him would also do
nothing to change society in general. Racists will always be racists, and find
reason to be racists. Only they themselves can change their minds, not us.
when I called out for vigilance, what was my intention?
I maintain his right
to be a racist. If he thinks racist thoughts, or says racist things to himself
or his friends, that is his right. But what we have to be watchful about is if
his racist thoughts impacts the way he acts if and when he should ever attain
public office.
That is in essence the point. We should not seek to punish him
for his thoughts: that would be cruel and inhumane. But we should be vigilant,
such that if he ever acts on his racist thoughts and puts them into action by
wielding the power of a public official, THEN we have every right to call for
his head.

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