Saturday, May 17, 2008

Teach for Singapore?

NYTimes has a very short editorial on the Teach for America programme and its success in raising the performance of students. Apparently

These teachers, many of whom come from elite colleges, commit to two years’ teaching. Besides their salaries, they receive modest federal grants and the right to defer loan payments while teaching.

Critics have challenged the program’s usefulness, pointing out that the teachers it places are neophytes and that a majority leave the classroom after two years. But the new study suggests that talented young people can have a lasting effect even if they do not make a career of teaching.

Seems like this could be an interesting program. What are the kinds of schools/graduates you could consider, though? NUS/NTU/SMU? Overseas programs? Scholars? Interesting thoughts here. So, research time: internet first, and the yields are - discouraging..

Start with the Wiki as a summary

What Is Teach for America Really Like?

Why Teach for America (NY Times again - some positive anecdotes, also comments that the teachers really are not prepared.)

Scary (for would-be teachers)
Two Teach For America Recruits Share Their Stories

(Unbelievably negative)
How I Joined Teach for America—and Got Sued for $20 Million
(but it doesn't really blame TFA, seems to blame the school system)

But I'd like to think the our school systems aren't that bad, so something TFA-like could be helpful. Something to think about...

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