Monday, May 12, 2008

Preventing injury - core muscle strength, balance, coordination

Interesting NYTimes article about sports injuries to women...

The injury rate among amateur sports players (read - weekend warriors) is quite phenomenal too. I mean, I dunno stats but there are always people out with injury. Some of it is due to insufficient rest / rehab after prior injuries, but this is quite interesting.

To quote:
These were elite players, but from one end of the field to the other, Silvers pointed out girls she judged to have insufficient core muscle strength, balance or overall coordination to play safely. Their movement patterns put their knees — and probably their ankles, hips and backs — at risk.

I'm thinking, this would probably be the only thing that could drag me to gym - how to improve core muscle strength. Googling doesn't seem to reveal anything useful, as many of the articles emphasise doing particular exercises (eg the lunge) accurately - something I guess you'd need a professional for.

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