Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saving for the future...

I've been falling behind my savings targets for a bit.. Adding to the stuff I have little by little, eating at swankier places, taking more taxis, and so on.

And of course, when KeY asked me about how much she should be saving after she just started work, I remembered the advice I had received in the interim, and said that she should just work out her spending patterns before deciding how much to save.

Today, we decided to try a savings target for the next 6 months. We're going to see if we can achieve it, inclusive of holidays, gifts, etc. Might be a bit more difficult, as we're quite used to certain spending habits. But then again, it might be easier than we think. No matter what, its definitely time that we started being disciplined in saving for the future.

On the same note: an interesting NYtimes article on Five Basics for Building a Solid Financial Future appeared today.

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