Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday street party

Serendipity! (the show? Or those little villages in Civilization?) We came across some kind of street carnival while we were looking for lunch... We'd heard about this restaurant called Tanah Merah and wanted to take a look, but it's closed on Sundays, oops. Photo of signboard to follow, but if you happen to want to go, it 9 rue de Clos, Geneva.

But along the way, we walked past a really happening street party at the Eaux Vives, complete with rappers at one end, dancers at the other end, lots of amateur street stalls (I know they're amatuer because (a) they don't all have shelters and (b) quite a few involve teenagers and pre-teens selling PS2 games and trading Pokemon cards) and a wonderful crowd.

Some photos to accompany soon of an outdoor rock-climbing wall for the kids. Looks really attractive, what do you think it would take to set something like this up in Singapore?

Here's the back, notice that the belaying is automatic, probably some kind of fixed-rate-release. It seems like a simple enough setup, and given swiss standards is likely quite safe as well.

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