Sunday, September 11, 2005

Super dinner @ Tavern

Wow... I had a fantastic dinner at this wonderful place.. My sis was treating, to celebrate her finishing her confinement month. Now she can eat all she wants!

Anyway, this place is just behind UE Square, think it's on the streets toward Mohd Sultan. There are signs all over advertising the weekday lunch and dinner deals, so it probably isn't hard to find. It's called Tavern, and the setup is kind of tavern-like, dark, traditional woods, dim orange lights like wood fires, lots of staff hanging around.

The price totally floored me. "Wagyu beef" is $40 for 100gm, the most expensive of the lot. And a more normal meal of the other ingredients, like ribeye, or salmon, or fish, costs $22-32. So, not a cheap place.. But the food is sooooooooooooo good. I was very hesitant about the beef, but my sister said if no-one else ordered the wagyu she wouldn't either. Apparently you need to order at least 300gm of Wagyu to get a nice chunk that's thick enough to have texture or something. But I took the excuse and ordered that as well. So we had 200gm each...

It was seriously the best beef I've ever eaten. Medium rare, juicy, chewy and soft at the same time, perfect texture! It felt like it was melting in my mouth! And the outside was just a little crispy, with the taste of the grill, some hints of wood smoke... And the fat layer carried a hint of sweetness from the sauce seasoning. Wow.

One of these days I'll go try out the lunch set. $15, they advertise.. It won't be wagyu, but it should be good too!

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