Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Strange accident

Friend of mine had the following accident, concisely summed up like this:

1. Her fault.
2. Other guy wanted to get $A.
3. She said, I'll use insurance, we report, you claim.
4. He said, Can! You arrange my car towed. (?!)
5. She said, Nonsense! Your insurance can arrange your own tow.
6. He said, I don't know how to call tow. I don't care how things are done by right, you better arrange for me.
7. She said, I'm not going to arrange for you.
8. He said, Then I don't let you go.
In the end, some friends of hers came along and negotiate with the guy, who..
1. Can't produce driver's license
2. Can't produce insurance documents
3. Not registered with the insurance company he claimed he was contracted with

and managed to knock him down to $A/2.5.


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