Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cards that bend and don't break

Today I learnt that one of the "security features" (among many others) of Work Permit cards is that they flex without losing their straightness. Even managed to try it out, and then I realised that it's about the same material as our ICs.. and that that also bends to an amazing degree.

Come to think of it, our ICs are remarkably tough. They sit in our wallets year after year, even follow some of us to NS life, get bent, stomped on, squashed, crushed.. they outlast our wallets!

And you know what? Credit/ATM cards are always breaking, roughly at the same line. I'm not sure if it's because they are getting swiped and that's wearing them away, or if the wallet doesn't support them at that line and so they get weakened until they break. But!

Why not have tougher credit cards? Our governments can issue us, FOC (unless you lose one), cards that don't break for twenty, thirty years maybe, but the bank cards maybe last two years before they break...

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