Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A new Gaiman book?

Uncle's in town from beijing and he met whole family for dinner at crystal jade... Too bad that I can't enjoy myself because of the ulcer at the back of my jaw.. :<

Anyway, beforehand I was at the shopping centre looking for something for dear key. There were a few promising ones but nothing panned out in the end. There was a Ty siberian but after comparing with Diggs, which was also on the shelf, realised that it's nowhere near as cute as Diggs and Junior, the two previous Ty I bought... also, some games at Zed and Zee! PopCap games well represented, including Zuma and Bejeweled 2 from MSN Zone, and the price was not too awful. So I was thinking of getting her a game, but... she'll probably kill me, I should get it AFTER her exams. Then, remembered she wanted a clock, but, cannot buy clock for her lah! Her mom would freak! So the shopping's a waste. Except that maybe I saw this Gaiman book, the Anansi Boys, which is kind of an offshoot of American Gods, which I loved. So I figure I'll go Kino with some vouchers and a discount card and pick it up.

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