Monday, August 06, 2007

The Prime Society

Ate at a place at Dempsey Road today, called "The Prime Society". Sounds vaguely Bleach-like, no? The place seems quite posh - and in fact the service and prices are at the posh-level...

But the place doesn't take itself too seriously. Your placemats are these diagrams, ostensibly showing the cuts of beef, pork, fish, and artichokes.. take a closer look (click on the photos and zoom in!) and you'll see that a lot of the comments are pretty silly!

It's a good thing they have different types of mats to keep you entertained, because service is a little slow. We ordered three starters - prime caesar, portobello mushrooms, and calamari. All the dishes were pretty good. I liked the calamari because the squid was fresh and was springy without being chewy.. though Zeal felt the breading was not crispy enough. The portobello mushrooms are pictured here- somewhat after we started eating because I forgot to take a picture!

Here's my ribeye steak! At $36, very pricey, but excellent, fantastic taste. Today I found out the difference in taste between filet mignon and ribeye - which is that mignon is more juicy but also has a strange powdery aftertaste, which can be covered by the sauce to some degree (in this case my sister ordered bearnaise sauce). However, for me, I definitely prefer the ribeye, especially because I like to taste the beef itself without any sauce other than its own juices... And look at where I cut the beef, it's done medium rare really well!

Some more, other than the beef, the carrots, cucumber, mushrooms and potatoes are all very well cooked! The carrots, for instance, were crispy and maintained their taste well, while the seasoning on the fries was just perfect. I wiped out all the veggies - except the eggplant which honestly tasted and felt weird...

Definitely a place to go to eat beef. Try it!

Definitely a good place to eat! Go there for some

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