Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nicest dinner place in Australia - Oliver's

Rather belated post - meant to make people really hungry! Anyway, this is Oliver's Australian Fine Cuisine, a really nice place which Georg over at the Nigana recommended to us. Address is 5/63 Abbott St, Cairns, of course.

By the way, this was where I popped the question... does the background look familiar?

Starter - bacon wrappen in chicken - I think! (My memory fails me - not surprising a month after having this meal!) I remember the skin was super crispy and the meat extremely tender, a fantastic combination.

My second course centred on a piece of egg tofu...

And the main course - three mini-steaks, complete with pumpkin sauce. The steaks' natural juices were already fantastic, savoury and full of the flavour of charcoal and beef. Then when you eat it with the pumpkin sauce, the flavour changes entirely and you're enjoying the beef texture with the sweetness of the pumpkin.

And you can see, medium rare really was medium rare - not like some other steakhouse I recently ate at. (But duh, pay peanuts get monkeys!)

Dessert - I honestly forgot what this was!

And here's our party of four with the boss, Mr Oliver Schreiber. Because Georg helped us book a table, he came over to chat with us, made a wine recommendation, and also talked with us about some of his personal life - like how he'd considered setting up a restaurant in Singapore at an earlier time. Sigh -- definitely our loss!

All in all, a really fantastic meal! Expensive too.. inclusive of a bottle of good white wine, we spent about $400 for four persons. But I thought it was definitely worth it!

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