Monday, November 27, 2006

Penang Kitchen

So we finally got around to eating at Penang Kitchen - again, at Coronation Arcade opposite Coronation Plaza - facing the Shell station. No pictures of food this time, but anyway -

1. Lime Juice - was not as good as neighbouring Curry Wok. But...
2. Laksa - Key's dad praised the laksa noodle - one bite will bite through it easily!
3. Ngor Hiang and Belachan Chicken wing - both were very very good, and as a bonus, not spicy at all! I mean, even though it's called Belachan chicken. If I can eat it, almost anyone can.
4. Crispy fillet - was fantastic, the fish was complemented perfectly by the honey sauce.
5. Pulot Hitam - now I'm not an expert, but 4 other people at the table said it was good!

Well basically - if you're going there alone or twosome, try Penang Kitchen, the servings are good to go for just one to two people without wasting large chunks of food and money. If you're in a large group, go for Curry Wok, can order large amounts and sample all the great dishes.

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