Sunday, November 19, 2006

Curry Wok

Curry Wok - an awesome restaurant just opposite Coronation Plaza, at Coronation Arcade (not to be confused with nearby King's Arcade.

We went there looking for some other place - Key's dad had been recommended some place with good prok knuckles there. But we couldn't find the other place, so I recommended going to Coro Arcade to look for Penang Kitchen, which my sister had brought me to before.

Instead, we stopped at next-door Curry Wok, tempted by their pork knuckles. It was a good decision, since the food was awesome!

1. Lime juice. Yup, this was just fantastic. It tastes so clear! I don't know how to explain it.
2. Pork knuckles - Really really good.
3. Kung ba - Any place that serves decent kung ba is worth a visit.
4. Hainanese Pork chop - this was crispy on the outside, tender inside, and sweet, oh so sweet sauce.
5. Sayur Lodeh - this veggie dish had Key raving on and on, so you can guess how good it was.
6. Or - nee. This was possibly the smoothest or-nee I've ever eaten. And you can order it on its own!

Drop by here if you have a chance!

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