Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stressed out

I really shouldn't be blogging at this time.. I'm so behind that I just want to scream for help. But too bad la. I just want to RELAX!

Eh.. Okay la. Just realised haha, the blogger convention is this Saturday, and Josh/Addy's wedding this saturday, so too bad for me, no convention. Super ultra busy.. Maybe I'm stressing out too much, cos rushing things out for the wedding, and for the website launch on saturday, and the AC attendance, and..

Just feel like I'm running so hard yet still falling behind. It's like the burn rate on my time is >24hrs, you know?

Well. To cap it off, stupid injury report thing is going haywire. Chief Clerk insists she sent it to PMC already, PMC says they haven't got it, no records of it arriving. CC insinuating maybe I should freaking redo the bloody report.

I think? It's just her way of avoiding an investigation into why the report was done last August and still not submitted. Report's probrably shredded already. PoS...

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