Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bloody %$#@! rubberneckers

Singaporeans.. sigh. In the morning I was heading to camp to pick up some last minute work (I'm going to ORD! why am I still working?) from my boss, and I heard a comment from the Class 95 hosts about Singaporeans slowing at accidents to get 4D numbers. Haha, Singaporean humor.. little did I know!

A few hours later I'm heading back and the PIE near Paya Lebar area is clogged.. Start/stop traffic, then later abt 10km/h. Can't see why, there's a flyover coming up, and the congestion looks like it's over the crest. Should be accident right?

Right! As I'm driving by, I realise, there's no accident. Not on this side of the road at least. Just across the road divider was some accident involving at least three vehicles. And on this side? Clear as a sunny day..

Repeat: Bloody %$#@! rubberneckers!!

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