Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Was in for physio today, carrying my new copy of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. On the way out, I was struck by the feel of the hospital corridors. NUH, not quite sterile and blue-flourescent kind of look/feel/scent. In fact, the scent of the place, while mildly antispetic, has a distinctly floral undertone, nothing like SAF medical centres. A full day there leaves you with a aromaticallyaudible scent you can detect at 10 metres. And the lighting is homely, a composite of authentic sunlight and orange-yellow walls that turn the flourescent light into something like the warm feel of tungsten-light-bulbs. Nevertheless, there's a kind of lifelessness about the place, a feeling, not of people recovering into the full bliss of life, but of people waiting to die.

Then again, what I read in Gods, resonates. It's some quote of an old quote, but it rings..

"Every hour wounds. The last one kills."


NoddEr said...

Hey! Chun Hui here. Did you get Neil Gaiman's autograph?

Btw nice blog. :)

Zim said...

No! heh. Didn't know you're a Gaiman fan... I'm not a afn, I just got the book recently. Was contemplating the Sandman series but it's a bit expensive..