Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas time. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!! :>
It's been a good week. Managed to get the Skill at Arms proposal and quotation done, under price and looks like it's going to be quite successful! And also NYF is kind of concluded a chapter, left the community service bit, and even that's going quite well, cos Sze How's already spoken to the Ang Mo Kio FSC to tie us up with them. And also managed to send out those postcards for once! I normally write the cards and then leave them mouldering in a drawer cos I forget to post them, LOL.

And.. Christmas, got a very nice gift from Key.. and she liked what I got too! So that's fine. Been gambling lots, playing small stakes (10 cents). Won ten dollars odd at mahjong from Key's friends at ChuYun's chalet, two odd from family at mahjong at today's party, then twenty odd at Big 2. I guess my luck is kind of back, though it does sputter a bit. :>

More mahjong tomorrow it seems.. like Chinese New Year like that!

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