Sunday, December 12, 2004

Blade Trinity

Key's been gone for the last three days.. but I get to see her today! :>
okay, soppiness aside, caught balde trinity with Andy on Friday night. Okay movie, not fantastic. Blade's a movie for action freaks I guess, and I enjoyed it but it was not action enough. Some new gadgets and a hot babe, but too stylistic, maybe. In the end playing halo is just more exciting than that!

NYF's been doing the policy development course for us the last week. It's been not fantastic, simply not enough time to cover too much ground. There WERE good sessions, with Irene Ng and Warren Fernandez in particular, and I was surprised to see Min Li as an MCYS panellist, but overall the feeling is not too much has been accomplished. We have a rocking good idea for the community service project though, so I'm hugely excited.

Irene Ng, in particular, reminded us of the essential schizophrenia in "Singaporeans". Warren was always stressing that there is no monolithic Singaporean, there is a great diversity in views, and as Irene Ng said, when she was a journalist, she was liberal and thought she represented the views of people, but when she became an MP, she realised that was not so. And maybe at the end of the day, policy is not about creating a great solution, but just the least evil... :<

Anyway, Subbu treated me to a cocktail of Modesto's calzone ( delicious!) and hindu mythology yesterday.. heh.. quite fun!

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