Sunday, November 28, 2004

UN World Youth Forum reference

Note... the aim was stated as follows:

"The World Youth Forum, which was hosted by the Government of Senegal, had as its central purpose the empowerment of youth to participate more effectively in every aspect of society. "

Report says,

The special annex eloquently states that the responsibility lies not only with Governments and civil society, but with youth themselves in taking action to fight the epidemic”, stated Mr. Charumbira.


The Forum’s recommendations cover youth concerns in the ten areas addressed by working groups, namely education and information and communications technology, employment, health and population, hunger poverty and debt, environment and human settlements, social integration, culture and peace, youth policy, participation and rights, young women and girls, and youth, sports and leisure-time activities. The meeting’s recommendations were regarded by observers from United Nations agencies, bodies and organizations as reflecting the vision of youth empowerment as seen by young people and as demonstrating their desire to participate in shaping policy on youth matters.

So what does this mean?
Forum = medium of open discussion of ideas (Dictionary)
My hope = discussion leads to action!
Areas = youth concerns over various aspects of our country
Purpose = empowering youth to participate more effectively

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