Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mail conspiracy?

I'm now at key's place, and just discovered that her whole house is unable to access yahoo mail, unable to reply on gmail, unable to access blogger... The suspect? The recently (yesterday?) installed Windows Service Pack 2. I mean, Hotmail works fine.. Seems like a standard Microsoft tactic, right? I always thought Google's "Don't be evil" alluded to someone else.

Anyway, finally managed to access, using a combination of switching off various XP SP2 default "protections" and installing Firefox as browser. Until now, IE still doesn't access blogger. Anyone else facing similar problems?

Anyway, if your yahoo mail is down after windows xp service pack 2 (sp2), try installing firefox and reading through internet options, and maybe turn off the xp firewall and rely on your own firewall.

On a side note, discovered an interesting website that just talks about yahoo stuff. Was searching for any news of a down, but noone seems to have realised anything.

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