Sunday, November 28, 2004


National Youth Forum Phase II is just over, a 2 day course at National Community Leadership Institute. Good and bad points, now...

So far, most of the people are getting along well. Consider that we were interviewed and picked from a pool of youth who applied for the program, it's understandable that the level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment is high.

there are no slackers. but then, I'm concerned, because the end products don't seem very appealing. I had thought that we would be formulating policy, but now we're doing debates. Debates on policy issues, yes, but debates on ideas not actions. So, "This House believes Singaporeans rely too much on government social welfare provisions" or "This house will welcome foreign talent with open arms".. seems like a diversion of energy to me.

And community projects.. this is something that has me worried, but is WITHIN my circle of influence...will we be doing one-offs? or building something of permanence, that will continue to work for good within our community? What direction will it take? Is it community service in welfare? Or promoting awareness in youth? Macro? Micro? And something no-one is thinking about. The pace is just too urgent for us to consider where we are going. The organisers say, think about debate now, so we think about that, and forget everything else..

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