Sunday, December 09, 2007

A new group of gamers, a new group of games

Met a different bunch of boardgamers today - and tried out a few games, including:

RoboRally - crazy crazy mechanical shoot each other up fun! Definitely not a serious game.. very party, because it's (i) 8 players; (ii) encourages chaos and destruction, (iii) very luck-based! Storyline - bored robots racing around a factory. Win either by getting all the rally flags or by killing everyone else.

Mr. Jack - one-on-one game (though we split into two teams to play this), kind of like Fury in the sense that one player is trying to deduce and the other player is trying to hide. An inspector is trying to find Jack the Ripper in London 1888 - but it's complicated because he's hidden himself among one of 8 people. Most of the players felt the game was quite skewed in favour of the inspector, but I don't think overly so. Well, I'll find out in a bit if I buy this.

Bang - like Mafia! One sheriff, some deputies, outlaws, and renegades, trying to kill each other off. I thought this was really fun! Definitely a party game, it apparently plays up to 8, and like Cash n Guns, banging people is real fun!

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