Friday, January 12, 2007


With a name like that it's bound to attract attention, right?

Superdog is a new franchise I think, with its first Singapore branch in VivoCity. The premise seems to be (based on the name) built around the hotdog.. I'm not entirely sure, since they have a Superburger as well.

Anyway, I ordered a hot dog:

As with this review, I found the sausage so-so only. It was totally ordinary, I think I would have preferred just to eat a standard Cold Storage pop-it-in-the-microwave cheese sausage, without the bun!

As for price, it was just about comparable with other fast food, with a discount coupon which we picked up at the escalator. Though Keying was super attentive and kind and shared our coupons with the next person in the queue, I remarked to her later that in future, if there were no coupons I'd probably not eat here at all! Price reminds me of A&W, come to think of it.

Overall, forgettable experience. It only makes me think of my beloved In-N-Out back in California, sigh...

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